On the Way to Go to School..!

I had such a long day today at school. It was like a roller coaster but definitely was a happy ending! So I began my day by going to school with my favorite Wind Up Doll. I brought all the books I had checked out previously with me to school since it was library day. Now, I love library day because one of my interest is all about reading. I could spend the whole day reading Harry Potter if I didn’t have to eat and sleep. Reading is so much fun.

Upon arrival we started our schedule of reading, then to math and finally recess time. We call it, “Snack recess.” You get to eat a snack or two before going back to the next class. It really helps especially after a boring math class. At recess Wind Up Doll happened to be there even though she was supposed to be studying in class. Maybe her class went for a change today. Immediately without thinking I brought my friends over to introduce them to her. We had fun talking and playing even though it was so short!


Class began again and this time it was reading time. We were paired up with a buddy from another class. My buddy was a boy! Oh great… it went fast. Before I even noticed the class is over. Ring, ring went the bell!

It was Lunch time now. After finishing my homemade sandwich, I went to the playground to play ball. Instead of playing with the ball, I got HIT by it. Two accidents in a row! Yesterday I BONKED my head on the playground and today I get HIT by the ball. What LUCK!

Shortly after lunch, I went home since it was early dismissal day. I showed my mom the book I had checked out from the library. It was an old American Girl book titled Happy Birthday Kirsten. It was the story for one of the original dolls. So I had to read it.

That’s it for now. Bye!




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