American Girl Store Run and Treat Seat Set

Yesterday was a very hot, hot day as hot as the desert well maybe not that hot. But I went to… AMERICAN GIRL STORE!!!! It was nice and cool inside. Maybe because the outside was too hot, it felt freezing like penguin world. That meant it was so cold that penguins could glide. I didn’t even mind the penguins gliding on their bellies. It was very fun in there. It was also where Wind Up Doll got Rebecca and where I also got Kaya!! We looked around at the Beforever dolls and Wellie Wishers. I got Kaya out of her tepee to take a photo of her, Lea, and I. Wind Up Doll did the same but with Rebecca. We took the photo together. After that we played with them for a very long while.

We finally went upstairs to look at Truly Me. There were countless dolls, clothes, and accessories. I wanted #27, the one with blue eyes and blonde hair. Wind Up Doll wanted #61, the one with green eyes and red hair. We also saw a flute. I mention that because I learn flute and have one at home.

I can smell the holiday season right around the corner. Look at the dolls dressed up in their winter clothes already. They are ready to hit the ski resort.


Below you can see a carriage with horse and props for Christmas. I think they will look good for winter, and they’re so pretty. I can’t believe they are getting ready so quick.

American Girl Pretty City Carriage


She is wearing the new Holiday Penguin pjs and is having great time. Aa-heh, now I know why it made me think of penguins in the first place. Blame on this penguin pjs. Anyway, I think the set is very cute. She has a lot of food and has some things for Santa in doll sized too.


This is the classroom set with backdrop. It seems real but a bit too small to play with, especially if I was going to get the locker and desk, my dolls would be peeking outside the classroom. NO FUN~


Here’s my favorite Gourmet Kitchen Set. I play with it every time we go to American Girl. There’re so many pieces and the electric mixer really works! Since there were many kids already playing there, we waited patiently for a long time to get to our turn. Then this granny thought Wind Up Doll didn’t know how to play it. So she told Wind Up Doll to place the mixer bowl into the sink. What was she thinking?! But anyways Wind Up Doll didn’t listen. Instead she put it under the mixer and made it turn. Heh heh heh…

American Girl Gourmet Kitchen Set

Right there is a display of the gourmet kitchen in glass. She is wearing an apron that comes along in the set. I wish I could switch place with her. She seems so serious.

AG Kitchen

There are more Truly Me stuff on the other side of the kitchen. The closet is mostly filled with clothes, purses, and shoes. Those two other photos are showing summer outfits and cheer leading outfits for school. For such a shame summer’s over.




Did we leave the store empty handed? Wah-tu!…

Ta-da… we got a Treat Seat for Robin. Robin, you ask? She’s a #35 Truly Me doll that my Eetsa picked out. She said the doll’s red hair reminded her of the restaurant Red Robin. My mom can be totally funny sometimes. Anyway, Robin can’t wait to sit in her new seat.

American Girl Treat Seat Set

This shows Robin with the sweet treat set and the desserts we made her with the Poppit toy. She is saying hi before she eats.



If you ever go to American Girl store, I bet you stay there forever maybe not forever but a few hours. I always spend two or three hours and beyond. I was finally glad to be back home. I felt that was enough for today. Bye bye!

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