Reading Is Fascinating

Howdy!~ This is the cover of the Scholastic News: Saving Dory. It started on a September morning, when the subject reading came. The teacher said to read our Scholastic News. So we read it. I found some cool facts about Dory.


Here is what I found out:

Finding Dory the movie attracted people to a buy a blue tang fish, which is Dory, a type of fish called Pacific blue tang. But experts say that’s not a good idea. That happened when Finding Nemo and Harry Potter’s movie came. If you are wondering what that means, it means that everyone wants a clown fish or a snow owl. Even sometimes a medium blue tang fish costs $250 and some accessories and tanks cost $3,000!!!! It also includes caring for them. Some people were tired with caring and looking after it. I hope you don’t do that because it might hurt the feelings of your pet. So let me tell you a secret: I don’t want to have a pet not just to hurt the pets feelings but I don’t want to see them die. That will be sad. So I hope you learned a lot and wouldn’t tell me your pets died. Bye for now.



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