My Master Piece

This is Buck, the mouse who is bad and travels. It all started when a gloomy afternoon almost evening. I saw a picture of a mouse like this one. I knew I had to draw it just to show you. I think he is perfectly cute, furry and evil looking. He seems like in a hurry to steal some cheese and not wanting to waste even one second. I wanted it to show you how fun it is to draw and probably encourage you to start drawing too.

Buck drawn by Tiffany@AGFanclub

Here is what it looks like on the other side of the paper. Instead of using colored pencil, I used markers this time. Though I don’t prefer it because it bled through the paper and the tip is too thick for small details. I even made a mistake on the hat so I had to patch it up. No big deal… he still looks cute. Don’t you think? Look for other drawings I might post. Ta ta…

Buck mouse drawn by Tiffany@AGfanclub

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