Kaya Got New Fringe Fashion Boots?

Tawt’s may we, you are seeing OG (Our Generation) fashion fringe boots and you are wondering why they are there. The reason you are seeing them is that I went to Target yesterday and Kaya saw these boots and asked me if she could have them. They sure look cute in the box. But will Kaya get these boots as she wished?



So the answer was yes!!!!! I surprised her by ordering them and had them mailed to her tepee. Kaya was so excited that she hugged me and jumped up and down. Here is Kaya receiving the boots and showing them off to her new miniature next door neighbor Miss Rabbit. Kaya visits her and plays with her a lot.

She’s now opening it and about to grab it up and try it on.


So did she wear them??? Sadly wa-tu!!! If you want to know the reason why she didn’t wear them, keep on reading the article.


She was glad to see she got the shoes but disappointed in something. When she was trying them on it was scratchy and hard to put on too. “OUCH” she cried out loud, so loud that I could hear it from over 100 miles away!!!! I asked her “what happened”. She answered “those boots….. are way too hard and I’m afraid I’m going to hurt myself and scrape my feet.” I took a look at the boots. Wow there’s a big bump at the toe area and the Velcros at the back of the boots… they felt like sand paper. I could probably use them to crate some cheese. Lessons learned! Pretty on the outside doesn’t always mean pretty on the inside. Poor Kaya…


As much as Kaya wanted to love her new boots, she packed it up and said goodbye to it. She was a strong-willed woman, though she bit her lips and didn’t say more.


I feel so bad for Kaya so I promised I would make her a new pair of moccasins myself. It might not be the most beautiful shoes out there, but I will make sure they’re comfortable and fit her. Time to get busy and start sewing!!!

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