Toys R Us Shop Run and Journey Girls Haul

This whole week we get to go home early. It’s the end of the first trimester and the teachers are having parent conferences after school. Both Wind Up Doll and I did good so it took no time for the conference to end and we get to go to Toys R Us afterwards. This time we went to a difference TRU which was 30 minutes away. Wind Up Doll even took a nice little nap getting there.


This TRU is gigantic compared to the ones we’ve been to before. They have everything that other stores don’t have and they’re organized neatly on the shelf. Remember I told you about the kids new trends after each popular movie, guess what… we have a new hot character, or rather characters, the Trolls. They are not really new though, my toe-ta said there was a troll doll back in 1960s and many troll games in 1990s. Gosh I wasn’t even born at that time.


My beloved Shopkins~~~ Someday I need to show you my whole collection. They’re right about these toys, “once you shop, you can’t stop”.


So many Playmobil sets are on CLEARANCE! Are they going to discontinue the line in TRU or what. We’ve never bought a set of playmobil in our house but my cousins had a princess set and they said it was cheaper but not as good as the Lego Friends.


Here they are, even in the display box with a whole section all to themselves. We love Lego Friends. Toe-ta used to buy us the whole collection on the shelf at one time. But Wind Up Doll always mix and match so we lost a whole bunch of blocks. So no more Lego Friends for us now. Cries…



Hmm how can this store have so many Littlest Pet Shop sets. If we knew they had so many here, we wouldn’t have to run 5 stores looking for the Blythe Bedroom Set and Pet Day Camp Set.


Wind Up Doll’s favorite Ever After High area. She saw some new Raven Queen dolls she hadn’t seen before.



Now WellieWishers~~!!! They even have their own display box just like the Lego Friends. Where’s Emerson? Rest assured, she’s not missing, but hiding behind that big white tree. Naughty =) Do you spot that adorable bunny? That’s my toe-ta’s favorite. He said he only liked that bunny in the whole AG store. Haha…


Journey Girls was having this nice Revolving Storage Tower on clearance and we had to get it. We also got some clothes, accessories and playlets from Journey Girls. I will show you the storage tower some other time. Today I’ll just show you the outfits and stuff.



This is the Fashion Pack Pink Trench Coat Set. It has a red purse, a leapod tank top, a pale peach pink coat, a pair of black pants and a sneaker.


It’s the black pants that got me, I thought it’s a leather pants. But after I took it out, it turned out to be a double sided pants. On the back it’s just plain cotton. I am disappointed seeing that. It’d be so cool if it’s leather on both sides. I know it’s faux leather but still. And the shoes are just plastic and it’s quite heavy.



This is the Navy Blazer set, including a pair of dark green pants, a stripe tank top, a pair of black flats, navy blazer and a blue purse. I forgot to take a picture of the purse but it’s similar to the red purse above. This set is alright. I like the lining on the blazer, it seems interesting to me. But again the black flats are just made of plastic and it’d be nice if the blazer had real button holes. There’s real buttons on it already, so why not the button holes.



Rain Gear accessory. I think the dark navy cap is quite cute, that’s also why Wind Up Doll wanted to touch it when I was taking the picture. She’s even naughtier than Emerson.


Last accessory set I got was the Polka Dot Head Scarf and Red Flats. I like the flower on the flats but sadly my AG dolls can’t wear them. LOL none of the shoes I bought from Journey Girls fit my AG dolls. The reason? Journey Girls’ feet are much thinner and skinner than the chubby AG doll feet. So the narrow shoes don’t fit the wide feet. I tried to put some on my AG dolls, they looked a bit weird and there’s a big gap at the toe area. There was also a pair of sunglasses included in the set but again I forgot to put it in the pic.


Last but not least we got 2 playsets, Workout Studio Set and Sports Accessory Set. The workout studio was on sale for about half off so it’s a good deal. There’s a mirrored wall with ballet barre, yoga mat, exercise step, dumbbells, water bottle and cardboard floor (not pictured). The sports set includes a dark purple gym bag, pink tennis racket, tennis ball, soccer ball, pink wristlets and water bottle. The pink tennis racket is so so cute and it fits my doll!!! Yay!

It’s the first time we bought the Journey Girls stuff and I don’t think I will buy again, maybe except the playsets and furnitures if they’re on sale. But definitely not the clothes and accessories. If I haven’t told you before, it was a pain to unbox the Journey Girls. There were a ton of tapes, tiny plastic fasteners, twist ties… It’s like they don’t want you ever to take the stuff out. It took me over an hour seriously over an hour to unbox everything and I had to borrow my toe-ta’s gunpla cutter and broke 5 finger nails. After that, only revealed to see holes left on the clothes from the stupid plastic fasteners. I would rather spend more money buying AG stuff. On top of that, don’t try to fit Journey Girls shoes on AG dolls, because they don’t fit. I do like the sports set, especially the adorable tennis racket. The quality is pretty good too. So I guess it’s rather hit or miss with the Journey Girls.

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