Kaya’s New Clothing – Fringe Poncho

Hi, I’m back from thinking about what to write for my new post and I had a poncho handy. It gave me an idea what to write for my next post. The weather is getting cold suddenly so I figured that my beloved Kaya would need something warm. I made her a new Poncho.


(Kaya wearing her new poncho in Nimiipuu Country) She looks pretty in her new outfit.


I got this Learn to Sew 18″ Doll Clothes Pattern Book by Simplicity at Hobby Lobby. They have a whole bunch of doll clothes making kits there that I also picked up. I haven’t seen them elsewhere. Anyway I made Kaya’s poncho using this pattern. Do you notice all of its models are Journey Girls? There are other things you can make for your doll.


This is what the inside of this amazing book looks like. This teaches you how to make doll clothes and techniques you will need to be an excellent doll clothes designer. This even teaches you how to use the iron correctly.


Also if you had noticed the red line on the poncho, you will not need to worry because it could be ironed off. I borrowed these Frixion erasable pens from my Eetsa to draw the fringe line. The pattern asked for fleece but I liked this cotton fabric so I used a pinking cutter to prevent edges from raveling. I think it also looks prettier this way.


These two pictures show the basic tools I used but I am not allowed to touch the sewing machine so I asked for help. My mom helped me sew it. Now you know I didn’t do all the work and all of the credit doesn’t really go to me. Did you know I mostly use hand sewing instead???


I also added a Velcro opening at the neck area so it’d be easier for Kaya to wear it. I really don’t want to mess up her beautiful hair.


AWWW!!!! Oh sorry for shouting that loud. I was just recovering from looking at Kaya in her new outfit, I mean poncho. Do notice she is very happy and she said something to me that you can’t hear so I’m going to tell you privately so Kaya can’t hear. She said to me “Katsee-yow-yow!!!!”


She is doing the jingle dance but her jingle dress isn’t complete, or made at all. What a shame!?!?


To wrap up this post, I’m going to talk about why I made this poncho and what gave me the idea. So do you know the story Kaya Escapes?? If you don’t know it just sit back and relax to hear part of the story. So when Kaya was a captive in Buffalo Country, she hatched a plan for Two Hawks and her to escape. Sadly she left Speaking Rain behind with the people who captured her. And when she was free, she found a path to help lead her back home, she made a rock pile and stuck a magpie feather to tell she was selfish. At that instant  she was wearing a shawl. As her name Kaya’aton’my suggests it means she who arranges rocks. That is the reason why. And if you are bored and want to rest, bye until the next, latest post.

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