AG Store Tour – Part 2

Hey, guys, let me continue showing you the surprisingly changed AG store. I don’t need to make an introduction on this post since this is part 2 from yesterday. I actually didn’t finish the post because I wanted to separate Truly Me section from the rest of the AG store. Well don’t worry because I’ll finish this long, 2 parts story.


Okay, we have here is the Truly Me T.V. with switchable screens, T.V. controller, 3D glasses, console, and the whole T.V. stand. I suppose the whole scene looks perfect for a movie theater or party room.


Is that the Christmas tree??? Oh, my it’s pretty perfect for the Christmas presents that Santa will deliver. I love the star best, it looks like some crown for the queen of England.


I love this photo best, that’s why I chose it for the feature image.  I picked this photo because the snowman looks cute and there has chocolate like candy. I bet one of those girls built it.


OOH, lala look at this Pretty City Carriage just perfect for only two dolls to be taking a nap. Also it is being pulled by a ….. reindeer I think, no silly it is a prancing horse.


This is the reindeer, no horse. I wonder why I keep on calling the horse a reindeer maybe because he looks so much like one. Or maybe because I keep on thinking about Santa.


I like this part the best because it has so many foods and so many furniture so I’d pick it if I had the chance. I wished I had one too.


Soo!!!! This is the overall look of the camper and I’d open up that compartment if I can to show you . I already looked and saw a number of milk, maple syrup, orange juice, and many more.


Hmm, imagine you were the kid who is eating those s’mores.  You’re making me hungry, doll. CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH. I’M EATING YOUR SMORES. Haha!!!


I’m going to eat those warm, plushy marshmallows too. Crunch, crunch, crunch. HEY, wait a minute isn’t that the same as Kaya’s tepee’s bonfire?!?! Yes it is. How did that thing get here?


Well just look at the sight of this girl having hot cider and pancakes with fruit for Christmas morning. It also looks like she’s going to finish that tasty breakfast and open up her presents.


Look at this wonderful dinner all set out for two. I also think that the olive oil is the cutest and that looks realistic.


Now here I see two or three bees making honey from those planted flowers. Maybe the girl planted them with some help from all those shovels and watering cans.


Hey why didn’t I catch this before, some seed packets if you are wondering what I’m talking about?? I actually wanted to capture those bees in that

Aww!!! Look a puppy having a birthday is eating a cake shaped like a bone. It looks like it’s made of bread and frosting.


Have I ever told you that in 3rd grade I played the violin???? When I played the violin I needed to use rosin and a book. The violin itself is easy to play with a ready bow covered with rosin.


MMM!!! look theater popcorn!!! I want some of that. But did you know my mum makes very tasty and sweet popcorn. You’d even like it. So I can eat some at home if there’s popcorn kernels.


Umm, I didn’t have any reason doing with gymnastics so here’s the reason. The reason is that she looks like number 27!!!!!


So I took this pic because I never saw this ribbon before and that it’s so tiny and cute. By the way this ribbon belonged to a science fair.


I guess she never looked more comfortable in that Spa Chair. With her hair washed and her feet in warm water, I think she is feeling just fine.


The reason I took these pics is that these might represent us, 27:me, 61:Wind Up Doll. I hope that one day Wind Up Doll and me will get 27, and 61.


By the way I am done telling you about my day at AG so I hope you enjoyed it. One more thing, I might write another post later.

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