American Girl Christmas Gift Sets Finds at Costco

In the past weeks, I noticed that AG things start appearing in different stores, like Toys R Us and Kohl’s. But today we are going to talk about the Costco store. At Costco I saw things like Truly Me pets, various activity sets, Beforever mini dolls and three-book sets, and Lea activity set.


But this is very strange, the Samantha doll along with her holiday outfit and fancy winter coat was also there. Mum heard rumors that Samantha was going to be retired and Felicity would take Samantha’s place. How sad 🙁


Bitty Baby was also at Costco. So it comes with the doll, blanket, and clothing. It also sells at American Girl. WUD love, love the mini Rebecca and wants one too. I want a mini Kaya too so it looks like Speaking Rain. But I don’t see the mini Kaya sets in any of the stores.


They sell the pets like dogs, and horses. If you are a cat lover just so you know, I don’t know if there’s any cats. But the horses are the best. With a comb, saddle blanket, and food so it looks the best. But the dogs are fun too. It has a craft telling how to make pet house.


These sleepover accessories make a boring night much funner. You can invite a friend and you and your friend can eat popcorn, drink juice, and then look at magazines while in your P.J’s.


The back of this box shows a photo of a real doll on the bed, playing games, eating, and in her P.J.’s.


This is another craft set AG girls can make for her doll and herself. This tells you how to make a tutu skirt, bracelets, and decorate t-shirts and draw string backpacks.


There are already made draw string backpacks. So the skirt and bracelet you need to make.


The Truly Me and GOTY Lea activity sets are looking pretty fun. They have crafts you can make for your doll. But the Lea set has some clothes and tells about the rainforest.


These are an example of the Lea activity set and Truly Me set that I mentioned one photo before this one.


Even though I didn’t say there will be any of these play sets anyway they appeared so I’ll write about it. This Project Mc 2 thingy looks like a chemistry set but it actually is a Ultimate Spa Science. So I guess you can use it and put it in your bath.


These things are personalized jewelry studio set, and the star darlings dolls. I’ve always wanted a star darlings doll but I never got it. I see more AG things and tell you about it the next trip to Costco. Also look out for another post that I will show you something I made for my very first doll. Hint: It’s not an AG doll.

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