Isabelle Baby Wearing Loop De Loom Shawl

This is what the surprise would be. Like I told you it was not an American Girl doll. This is my very first doll that I got when I was a baby. I named her Isabelle but at that time I didn’t know the GOTY Isabelle. But when I knew about the GOTY Isabelle I knew I made a big mistake. So WUD called her Isabelle Baby so that we and you won’t get them mixed up.


This is what my doll looks like, pretty indeed. So I used the Loop De Loom weaving set to help me weave and make this big piece of woven fabric or something.


I was going to make a blanket out of it but the loom was too short for a blanket. I was going to give it to Kaya because the weather was getting cold. But it didn’t fit so I made a shawl.


This is what other people had made using this helpful tool. I also did make a blanket for my stuffed toy pig. I made a phone case for Mum’s phone too.


It has pegs and a loom. Those rest of the yarn is cut up and damaged. So I used a new yarn ball to make the  phone case and shawl.


The loom set comes with a basic instructions booklet.


This is me midway through the weaving process and it took me two days to make this thing. So on the second day I used my own thread and borrowed a needle from Mum to use and I hand sewn it together. I used a pearly button to serve as a button.

isabelle-wearing-shawl-sitting-on-bean-bag-chairI’m pretty sure the AG dolls can fit this shawl also. Besides do you see that Isabelle Baby is sitting on the cushion made for Rebecca and friends? The clothing, bloomers and skirt was made by Mum in order to fit Isabelle Baby. I hope to make some shoes and show you them. Bye.

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