The Needs For A Trip Featuring Our Generation Well Traveled Luggage Set

Boarding up!! The things you need for a trip are right here in this post. It is the Well Traveled Luggage Set from Our Generation, aka OG. Everything is so cool except I really don’t like how they package things. Check the Audra doll package for yourself. I really wish they can just put everything in a box like what AG does. Anyway let’s take a look at what the set comes with.


It looks as if you are on a plane trip with this tray of food and some crackers and gummy bears but I forgot to put the cup in the photo. In fact I almost lost it in the package. Plus you can pack your teeth care and bath essentials. They are called toiletry. The back of the camera has a photo of Reese and the Eiffel tower for a backdrop even though you can’t see it.


There are even stickers and a journal, so your doll can write about her journey. There is also a mini pen to write with and I suppose you can really write in the journal though.


Did you also know that your doll can really wear the comfy neck thing to take a catnap because the trip is very long. Just perfect for Audra’s trip.


There is even a luggage tag to decorate the suitcase. It matches the neck pillow so it looks like it can be outside. Inside the passport there is a picture of Reese, introducing her.


Almost everything can fit in the blue, sparkly suitcase, except the stickers and kitty pillow. This actually belonged to Reese. She probably loves to take trips. Notice there is a pink, transparent bag to put all your toiletry in?


Did you know Mum made a new dress for Audra using the leftover fabric from the bean bag chair? It’s almost like Rebecca’s holiday dress. Audra loves her new supplies for a trip so she will take a trip right now.


This is the overall look of the set in its package box: food, toiletry, and travel docs. Even the camera is there. It is packed in a orderly manner though very neatly.


I closed the photo up so you can see the suitcase properly close. Though you can’t see all the glitter on it it is still there.


This is Reese with the suitcase perfect for her outfit and look. She almost looks like Grace.




This is the story of OG about what they do every day and the contents of the set. Well it has… uh a CONDITIONER, I thought that was a shampoo bottle too.

our-generation-doll-audra-well-travelled-luggage-setSee Audra in her new dress and earrings? She just came back from France after taking a photo of her friend, Reese in front of the Eiffel Tower. Did you know the hairstylist WUD styled her hair so that’s why it looks like it had a hairstyle. By the way I will write a post about it and look for some posts about my doodles. Bye 🙂

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