American Girl AG Reward Berry Status Semi-Private Event and Store Tour

Yesterday I went to AG store for an event. The event was fun and had a lot of unexpected stuff, like refreshments and a Christmas tree with gifts underneath.


This event was meant to be for the Berry Status people so the store closed early and reopened only for the families of Berry Status. Which, I am one or else I wouldn’t report this.



The tree was very pretty and I asked my mum that who the gifts were for. So she told me that it wasn’t for me. But the ornaments are okay too and very pearly or shiny with glitter.


MMMM!!!! LOOK AT ALL THOSE FOOD! I can’t take it anymore because I am too hungry and “tastyed” up.


Look at each of these tiny food, awww!!!!! 🙂 And these mini cupcakes, quiche, cherry tarts, brownies, and peppermint-sourcream baked sweets.


This tartlet sure is cute but is hard to eat up when theres a wrapper taking your space up. But I managed to… -kerflunk. Well it finished my sentence anyway. WUD was very naughty and wanted me to eat her tart after eating the cherries away. So I ate it up “hungrily.”


HUH, why is there only one brownie left on the plate? Probably all the people rushed there in one breath or they were too excited and gobbled them up top speed fast.


If you are wondering what those sour cream thingies were, you’ll find out now. Besides my favorite food is…….. SOUR CREAM!!!!!


These pretty much don’t look like quiches to me but it’s called a quiche.


HEY, you know it might be perfect for dolls because it is very mini.



Cool gifts and things. Can I have those or at least play or touch them? Too bad they weren’t for me 😭



Uh am I supposed to be here or is it for a birthday girl? Then somebody said “It is the birthday room.” Wait, what for the birthday girl? “Yes.” BIRTHDAY ROOM, BIRTHDAY GIRL, I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. AHHHHHHHH! (runs off sadly and confused.) If it is open why can’t we go in.


Now I’m going to play…


Okay I know I’ve talked about it but I like it so just hold it for just 10 seconds and let me finish this up.


OOHH LALA look at the girl sized p.j.s perfect for me. SEE HEE


KAYA’S ACCECESSORIES I WANTED THAT FOR SO LONG!!!!!!!!! (EAR PIERCING SCREECH) I especially liked the tiny purse best.


AAAAAAWWWW!!! Look at Tatlo that little baby. I want it.


Watch Kaya pet her horse……. cute huh? But who putted her that way? Not me. I saw a little hand close by. Could it be WUD?


Rebecca in her holiday dress pretty and gazing up at me with her tiny bebe eyes. It’s just a way of saying things it actually means small-beady.


OH, WUD wanted this a lot like 10,000x but she didn’t get it. I actually like it too. I admit.


Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made it out of clay. Now it’s dry and ready, a dreidel I shall play! Wanna know why I know this song? WUD teached me it because she learned it at school.


Rebecca’s movie dress, actually our Rebecca’s holiday dress was based off of this. But my sis wants to collect them all.


HMM, Julie Albright here.


Egg, celery are good for you as a snack so Julie is a smart picker. even I would want them. But there actually celery and peanut butter.


Sombrita the goat is way too cute but not as cute as Tatlo. But I’m sure you knew that I would say that.


Ooh Addy’s cowry shell necklace that I’d want. But I’m so surprised that her mamma took it along while they were escaping.


What’s that little dumpling like food- oh in Addy’s story it had said that she took her “love” cookies to school.


What cute poodle dog dancing to the beat of drums that Kaya is beating on. But it belongs to Maryellen.


I know I’ve taken this picture before but at the moment I forgot. So we will have to go along with it.


Ahh, shhhh! Don’t tell Mum about this. I’m planning to give Samantha’s nightgown and bed for my mum’s birthday.


This mini Kaya is in her meet outfit and not in her winter deerskin outfit. It is because there is one for the 2016 collection and one for temporarily until they retire her.


It is pretty much the same for Rebecca except that I wonder how they can make fancy clothes and a gold barrette for Rebecca.


What’s Willa doing in her p.j.s and why waving to us? Also where’s that Emerson or in the back of the house making mud pies?


I actually took this picture to tell you that I like the tiny hourglass and I have the larger version. I also love, love the shell but I prefer abalone shells like Kaya is wearing right now.


I also want to collect this tiny rabbit to give as a present to Kaya. Did you know that my dad loves rabbits and like this one too.


Another whoopee cushion!? Another prank!? Probably master of tricks and “funny” :Emerson would like them.


Hey I’ve never seen this before and yesterday is my first time seeing this ice cream cart out here. The best part is about the money “fake” and the chocolate sauce “fake.”


Hmm let me consider this, this menorah and dreidel is very different from Rebecca’s. So there’s also a box for the dreidel and coins.


Ahh the flute is very hard to make a sound and I bet it is the same for the dolls.




Now I am going to wander and take photos. As Mum always says, don’t get the camera lost!!! And I’ve wandered to here, this is where my feet will take me. Hey get a look at this Mum, Dad, a…a place to take a photo with Santa?


OH GUYS YOU’D BETTER PERK UP. That store has the same name as mine. Wow. 😮 Look at the chandelier and jewelry tree.


Look at this too a very cool jewelry tree, a ladder, a chandelier, a chair, and a gift. But almost all of the things are covered in pretty jewelry.



All of these jewelry are very pretty and I keep on thinking that one day I’d get that jewelry tree, gift boxes, ladder, and chair somehow. I hope you loved my post and I also hope if you had any news or rumors that they are giving the tree, ladder, gift boxes, and chair all along with the jewelry, please comment.

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