Sara Sushi Shopkin Doll

Hey you all might want to know why I didn’t write yesterday. That is because I had to take pictures and I only had a quarter of the photoshooting and didn’t have time to do the rest and then yesterday I just finished it. Hey ya’ll want to know about Sara by, she is going to introduce herself. Better listen.


So get a better vision or you have to read:(Sara Sushi always rice and relaxed. Peaceful, calm and never alarmed, Sara Sushi is always in “tuna” with her inner self! But when things don’t go to plan, she goes off the rails like an out of control sushi train! However, after a few deep breaths, she’s back on track and ready to chill with her friends at her favorite sushi shop!
Favorite Hobby: Rice Skating.
Shopkins BFF: Sushanne and Peggy Sushi.
Favorite Place To Hangout: The Sushi Shack!)

So after hearing this what do you think and I swear to you I didn’t write anything wrong or did I, check it out by scrolling down.  Get ready for some shouting. THE PLACE IS WHERE IT SAYS THINGS DON’T GO AS PLANNED IT ACTUALLY SAID THINGS DON’T GO TO PLAN  AND THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!!!


Sorry for the shouting but guess I exploded with anger, frustration, and fury. And got carried away. Well if this isn’t actually easy to see it is the photo’s problem. I try to make it easy to see at.


Let’s get explaining before the Count Down Clock strikes and your wishes almost got granted by Star Darlings will be ruined before you know it. KIDDING! Okay time to get down to business, Sara Sushi is a Shopkin doll I once saw at Toys R Us. But the link didn’t say it exactly though.


These are all her fashion accessories to dress her up. I loved the doll and the Shopkins. But most of all her V.I.P card.


Besides her apron is removable so that’s why I put it on her hand and if you press really hard you can get it on like this picture. She even comes with a removable, clear stand. But the Star Darlings or aka S.D has a light up stand and I WANT it now. (ear piercing scream, AHHHHHH!)


I especially took this photo to show the things that might be useful. (cross out purse and V.I.P card) Like the brush can detangle hair messes.


HMM, I have no idea with this photo or delete it. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Don’t delete it “I hollered out loud” I have a better idea, let’s pretend that the brush was wasabi and the purse was salmon. That’s much, much better, get it.


AWWW!!!!!!!! So cute. Note this I put it there and took the photo. UMM, is the green, seaweed? Probably and I know white is rice and pink is fish.


OH, OH I really want to show this to you, it’s a group of mini eraser sweets by Iwako and nor I will ever use them. I actually want the cupcake, sweet frosting biscuit sandwich, and log cake. Just so lovely that I can’t take my eyes off.

shopkins-collectionI also wanted to show these Shopkins to you too. I got this at summer. Where? Toys R Us. I specifically showed these WUD’s favorites to you because she is in trouble now and not allowed to blog so she wanted me to tell you guys.


It’s near the end and I love just one more Shoppies and it is……… Rainbow Kate!!!!!!! I hope I get it and one more thing before I log off and do my chores. I can already hear my mum calling me. (Tiffany, Tiffany) The thing is that WUD loves a Shoppie too and her name is….. Peppa Mint but I don’t like her. So anyways I hope to get WUD her wanted Shoppie a- BYE BYE gotta leave.

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