American Girl Store Exclusive Truly Me Holiday Outfit Fancy Frost Ball Gown

Hi, you probably already saw this at your local American Girl store but I wrote this to tell you what I think. At the end it is a surprise but I love it. It was all my mum’s idea to give one of our dolls to wear the frosty outfit. But I’m not telling you who just yet so keep reading to find out who that special one is.


This is at the front of the cafe and ta-da in front of the cafe is a model of a Truly Me wearing the frosty ball gown. Perfect for a snow day or the Christmas evening. For your information, this outfit seems to be sold only at American Girl stores. It’s $58, including the dress, tiara, gloves, cape, muff and shoes.


Sad to say but true, WUD went to see the Truly Me ballgown with Mum. While I went to buy some other stuff. So Mum took these pictures that were in the store.


This cloak (cape) is very see through wait, doesn’t she get cold? I have a cloak that Mum made. Warm too.


How pretty, there is pretty slick and thin satin. The same thing to make Rebecca’s outfit that WUD wrote. This little purse looking thing is actually a muff. Anyhoo what’s a muff? I looked it up in the dictionary. It is in fact something like mittens to keep your hands warm.


Isn’t that 27, why she does look like 27. I can’t believe it that she’s even wearing the frosty ball gown.



(Gasp) I can’t believe, I really can’t believe my mum even bought it. Wow! (Stunned) It is wrapped in a pretty gift box, so pretty. Don’t cut the shiny bow with a scissor. It can be slipped off because there’s elastic in it.


Oh good, I am opening it up just don’t miss it.


Now it’s out of the box and well nice and pretty white is what I can say. A little silver too. Actually I don’t know if K, starf! I forgot. Okay I don’t know if …. can wear the tiara or crown.


Closeup, weeee, now you can see it. The muffs too. Almost everything is covered in white or jewels completely. I love how the gloves are made of slippery material. It’s much easier to put on and off of a doll than the other gloves we have.


Woo, the tiara is so pretty or so jewely and pretty nice too. Actually I love this the best not the muffs- wait did I mention this?


Silvery shoes, silvery- oh star apologies, I didn’t notice you there waiting for more things. Now I was singing a song about silver things. Now where was I- MOVE ON! By the way the shoes surface is smooth though it might look glittery.


Hi, Kaya you look so pretty. Oh that’s right the surprise was that Kaya was the lucky doll wearing this thing. Say hello to….. Princess Kayaamerican-girl-kaya-wearing-fancy-frost-ball-gownHey here’s another name for Kaya, Runway Princess Kaya. So it is very late and I gotta stop so here do one thing before you are done looking at my post, say bye to Princess Kaya and me. Also see you next time.

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