Shopkins Season 4 Food Fair Cupcake Queen Cafe Playset

Hey, I’m back with another fun and addictive playset that I’m going to write about. It is the Shopkins Cupcake Queen Cafe from season 4!!!!!! 😮 Wow it looks so pretty and cool. I can’t wait to dig my hands in and start ripping. It’s like Christmas at Samantha’s house.


But still I need to take photos, unwrap it, take photos that the Shopkins posed, and finally play time will be there.


Okay I especially took this pic for the menu sign. It has a special food for today on it. In my opinion, I think the special food should stay in a pretty case like the one below.


Now this is pretty much the same as the one below. I think that Royal Cupcake is the best sweet in the whole shop and should be everyday’s, today’s special. Too bad I don’t have her or I’d let her be it forever.


Wow this took off faster than I thought though. I’m even almost going to open it. So let’s open i-(BLACKOUT, whirl, and ripping)


(Blackout disappeared, and a building came into view) Okay, okay you might already saw what had happened but listen to this and forget about the thing. I’m about to say that I already put the Shopkins in it and I love, love it.


Right now am I trying to show you about that the gift boxes wide open. The one in green: Peggy-Sushi as you heard in the post Sara Sushi. The other one is Glitzi Ice Cream Kate.


This is the funnest part of all, letting customers all in, placing them on the table, and playing them or serving them. I already served a lot of them and let them come into the shop and take home a sweet treat.


Woo, closeup for us all to see. See Fun Drum with her friends? Too bad Manda Moose isn’t here. She’s the specialty treat.


Yay Manda Moose is off duty and is here with a lot, I mean a lot of them are sitting on the table and talking or chatting with favorite friends.

shopkins-season-5-sara-sushi-cupcake-queen-cafeSo owner Sara Sushi is here to substitute for me while I’m taking photos and is doing well. But oh well I took the pic with Sara inside and I can’t do anything. I can’t ban her from her job to jobless- wait I got a nice idea. How about Sara be my waiter and I become the owner. Meanwhile WUD is the boss and gives out the money. So I’m done with my toy report and bye. I’m off to playing the Cupcake Queen Cafe.

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