My Star Darlings’ Best Thanksgiving

Hey I’m back and I’m so, so sorry for not writing in the past weeks. You see I was busy on getting ready for Thanksgiving – mm, look at the turkey – that I didn’t have time. Then I spent forever making a turkey for the dolls.


So I didn’t have brown fabric so, I used white fabric, then I used a brown specific type of crayon to color practically the whole thing except for the bones. Meanwhile bad, horrible WUD slept and didn’t help one tidbit. So that means I was left all alone to work on the turkey. I also made a vow to finish it before nightfall. And to your surprise I hand sewed it all by myself. WOW 😮 How can I do that I do not know.


Now I am looking for something to fit the scene. (Whirl, BLACK, ZZ Ahh I found it – whirl, BLACK disappeared) So now you see it, the feast. It is nothing like my own Thanksgiving feast. It is not like someone sew a turkey and a whole table of food then the food becomes real and you give thanks, then eat.


So my three Star Darlings served food for the Cow and Pig. AWWW, how nice! I had a whole turkey and leafy greens for the salad on the table. Though it is not much I’m still thankful for turkey and I never ever ate turkey in my whole life so it is my first time eating it. I can’t wait!

thanksgiving-roasted-turkey It is nothing like this doll scene. I wish I had this much food then I would really be a cooked pig – by the way I really love PIGS.


I also fetched my Star Darlings. By now I’ve collected 3 of them as I have included them in the American Girl craft – boots and Libby’s post. They say they are thankful for me that I took them home and treated them nicely. Even this feast! So I put them in a pose to indicate how thankful they are.


Want to know what I’m thankful for? My dolls and Kaya, plus WUD becoming my doll. I always play with her. If you watch carefully on my blog, you might see a line of five girls in different poses of me. And there is another five girls are also in different poses. She is….. Wind Up Doll with Rebecca. I have two more things I’m thankful for. My first one is that WUD helps me write two posts while I’m busy. My other thing I’m thankful for is that I have parents that support me. You see WUD and me are close sisends – sister and friend.


I’m going to be back on track -writing blog posts. Besides please watch my blog everyday and you will see a whole moon – month of holiday posts. Please, please watch on Christmas for a special post like the ones that had a Halloween and a late Thanksgiving. Oh before I leav- (Whirl, BLACK, rrrrr there it goes again whirl, BLACK disappeared) Oh before I leave I must tell you something, please comment me because I got only one commenter. So bye.

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