Cuter Than WellieWishers? Shibajuku Girls Yoko’s Doll Review and Comparison to Emerson

I also forgot to tell you that on the Marie’s post day we went to Toys R Us and we took some fun back to our home. It was a doll!, called Yoko by Shibajuku Girls. And we just opened it. It actually was really cute. As if you know her name is Yoko but there’s another guest. But you’ll find out. Such as like this, it is my business and you need to find out.

Now this review is partly good and bad. Like Yoko can’t stand on her own and something bored a big hole in her skirt. The good ones are like she has a cool outfit that totally rocks and her hair clips that can let dolls plus humans wear them. One more thing, Her eyes won’t open and close, look like Journey Girls‘ eyes.

These are the rest of the girls in the Shibajuku series, I love, love Shizuka and Koe. But WUD loves Suki and Yoko better. And nobody likes Namika, I feel so, so bad for her that nobody likes her. Maybe she looks better in person. Then maybe we will change minds. These dolls are from an Australian company, called Shibajuku. Shibuya? Shinjuku? They do look like high fashion adorable Japanese girls.

Look at all of those knots and ugly things on the back. UGH! The packaging is standard like many other dolls and toys, OG, Star Darlings, EA, etc.

Wow I never knew she would look like this, I only thought it would look a little easier. They really don’t want her legs to move or what.

Now then on I’m still wearing a hair clip generously given by Yoko. Plus there’s another fact, Yoko can be posable in many ways. Such as her hands, feet, head, knees, elbows, and legs. She can turn her head around but not up and down, just like AG dolls.

See I told you she could be posed, in the rest of these photo’s you will see poses and poses.

A chain for what – oh, I know to look cool and good.#

Why do they do that? – to her skirt? Do I supposed to cut it off or leave it on? I’m confused.

But then on it isn’t remarkable how Yoko’s posable knees and elbows can’t be seen when she is still in the box. I already could see how badly Yoko’s hair will be when hairstylist WUD comes and braids her hair.

Wow that looks like a shield! And Yoko’s rounding up to fight off bad guys.

Wow pretty hair. With one side that’s purple and the other side that is pink, that’s cool. And her hair is like a layered? Some are definitely shorter than the other.

Now you will see and find out who the guest is. Our guest today is…….. Emerson! BUT NOT WILLA! :'(

Emerson will be so happy to have a almost same height friend. Or sister. But the fact is that Yoko isn’t much taller then Emerson. She is actually shorter. She has bigger head than Emerson and slimmer body. As I mentioned above, she can’t stand by herself. But Emerson can. Also all of her joints can move so she can pose, she can sit, in any way you like. She has bigger eyes that won’t close, like Emerson’s too. And their whole body is made by plastic.

But I must leave in order for other things and when I am done I will start with my 3rd post for today. That’s about….. 5 posts I’ve completed from the ten posts. I got to hurry and bye.

P. S. This is what Yoko looks with her face close up and she looks cute. Her hair also looks great in this fashion. I love her sparkly eyes, it reminds me of WUD’s Audra, who also has sparkly eyes.

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