24 Days Of Christmas – Disney Tsum Tsum Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Figurine Surprise Day 11 And 12

So as I promised you I will write 11 and 12 and here it is, another post. I’m going to write about days 11 and 12. So 11 was WUD who opened it up and on 12 was me who opened it up. Let’s see who we got, woo, look at the cool chipmunk and a duck.

So it’s easy to guess who the duck is.It is……. Donald Duck. But I don’t know who the chipmunk is, it is either Chip or Dale. Actually it is Dale because of his big red nose. Chip’s got a small black nose, like the chocolate chip cookie. Chip got a (chocolate) chip nose, get it? I wish it was Chip though since I love that name.

Now we need to know who got Dale and who got Donald. Let me guess WUD got…….. and I got…..

Well this is called cheating but I will tell you who got who. WUD got Donald and I got Dale. Dale has a abridged mini version twin bro Chip and here it is.

But sadly for Donald, he doesn’t have a mini look of himself. Oh I know something to cheer him up. Almost all of his friends are here. Like Daisy, Goofy, Pooh, and Tigger. Pooh also has a miniatured look. And guess what, Hiro and – SQUEAL! – Baymax. Oh that’s WUD who squealed. And of course Donald’s archenemy, Chip and Dale.

Sadly right now is when I need to say bye because I need to go outside for a walk but hopefully to the AG store. When I get back I will write two posts. The first one is where I say about 13 and 14. Also the second one is for all my Shopkins. Bye.

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