24 Days Of Christmas – Disney Tsum Tsum Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Figurine Surprise Day 13 And 14

Here you see I’m going to write this 13 and 14 post. Well I need to keep my promise and as I said, I will be back from going outside and sadly we didn’t go to the AG store. But then I need to write this post and still continue on with the advent calendar posts until the last day of Christmas.

As you see my mum’s lucky, she got that cool candy train. And my dad got the same white rabbit.You also need to build the train by yourself with already made things. So this is what the cool candy train looks like being stacked up.

So here we are. I wish I got that cool candy train but my mum got it already. So it is a little hard to put on but my dad did it somehow. “BAM” It right away put together. I guess it is afraid of my dad.

Even though I said we didn’t go to the AG store, we still have some fun brought back home. As you see went to Target and this cool color pop thing was the only thing there. And it was the last one. If you already know this you can read it again because you are going to miss important information.

So there’s Grumpy, Donald, and finally The Cheshire Cat. I love, love that Cheshire Cat. 🙂 I think he is cute. And my dad got that cool thing like a limited edition Cheshire Cat that its teeth and eyes glow up with one press of that button.

But now I need to say goodbye so I can start on a new post with all of my newest Shopkin Collection. So bye.

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