My Holiday Gift And WUD’s Gift

I think you would demand an explanation of what I got from Santa Claus, well I’ve got it here. Here I got a cool thing, it’s a surprise. Now if you wonder what I got, stay on this post for a detailed post. I will show you you in just a sec. But first I got to give you hints on how to guess which one WUD and I got.

*WUD got her favorite doll, plus it is not an American Girl doll.
*I didn’t get a doll and I didn’t ask for it.
*I didn’t get an AG playset or an accessory.
*WUD got the initials, EAH.

So guess what I got and what WUD got. SHE GOT………….. *LIZZIE HEARTS!* And I asked for a Wonderland thing. It was a…………………… *WONDERLAND POCKET WATCH!* 

Now the secret is out, I would like to say about what it is since it is a doll report. Lizzie Hearts is actually really cute except there is a number of things I must say is bad, 🙁 First of all we must start with the good things then the bad things. (GROAN)

Good place ->
*I love how her hair has a streak and the rest are black.
*She has a Wonderland playing card headband
*She has brownish-goldish eyeliner, outlined with a big red heart.

Bad place->
*Her arm is very twisted and looks as if it was broken but WUD doesn’t care.
*Her arm does not move much and pose.

How about my pocket watch? We will talk about it now and end the Lizzie situation. Now I will do the same with this.

Good place->
*It has a Drink Me charm.
*It is kind of bronze or gold.
*It also has a mini rabbit charm.
*It is mini and portable.

Bad place->
*It always is ahead of the normal clock’s time – Ahead one minute.
*Its chain is too long.

Now I am really tired I will be writing again later. So bye.

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