Shopkins Join the Party Swap-Kins Event and Tippy Tea Party Haul

Today I went to an event at Toys R Us, which is a Shopkins Join the Party Swap-Kins event. So this is what I got…..

Poster, cool!

WOW, the huge, mega collector’s list. Every Shopkin is included starting from season 1 all the way to the latest season 7 Party.

Wheeeee, party hats. I am so, so happy there is a party. A tea party.

Guess what, I bought $15 more and I got the glitzy kind of Birthday Betty.

WUD, got a Shopkin too. But I got the original Betty.

I opened the Happy Places surprise delivery box and this is what I got, a lamp, a camera and a diary.

AAWWW, WUD opened this cute thing and she posed for a pic. Click. She’s all ready to weigh the strawberries on the scale.

This is what I got for the Birthday Betty Shopkin, a Shoppie playset. Her name is Tippy Tea Pot. Look at her fully loaded the trolley!

I opened it and I posed for a pic, it was so much fun. Although I have something to say about the girl. She is beautiful and she has a sister named Kirstea. That is all for today and bye.

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