Madeline Hatter’s Tea Time Traditions – Hat-Tastic Tea Party Playset

WUD got another EAH toy named Madeline Hatter’s Wonderlicius Hat-tastic tea party set around last Christmas. She likes it a lot because she says it’s kind of like Rebecca’s Tea Time Traditions. This time she invited Courtly Jester, Apple White, Kitty Cheshire, and Lizzie Hearts over to her house. Hmm where’s her pet, Earl Grey?

Here is a close up of Madeline Hatter.

Every Madeline Hatter has a head band. This one is a hat, but I’ve seen cups on other Madelines.

This is the box that came with the set. WUD says she owns 4 rings now. I’m going to have a tea party with WUD, Kaya, Rebecca and the rest of the dolls. Bye now.

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