Tenney Grant Getting Hair Styling

You know I got Tenney on the day she was brought to the store and I have taken her hair net off and there was a surprise waiting for me. Her hair was messy and dry as wilted grass that are yellow. Hey, all of that matches Tenney’s hair. So guess what solution did I figure?

I went to hairstylist WUD and she said to put Tenney down and she will set her hair neatly in curls for almost the whole day so that leaves me a second to play with her.

Meanwhile, Tenney is sitting on the treat seat set and eating a cinnamon roll. Here is a look over her hair.

Looks dry, doesn’t it? Well I can’t help it if I say Kaya’s hair is smoother and softer than Tenney’s. I don’t even know why her hair is so dry. I really hope the other dolls hair won’t turn into Tenney’s hair. I mean that dry. I need to log off so I can check on Tenney. Bye.

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