My New AG Doll Julie Albright Review

AG’s going to have some dolls’ underwear sewn to their body?! Oh NO!!! That is terrible! I would hate to see that happen. Among the list of the dolls, Julie Albright is one of them. So before that happens, I had to get her and I have something to say about Julie. When I took off her hair net-OOH LALA- her hair was so soft, long. It was nothing alike to Tenney’s dry and brittle hair. But Julie has some bad things too. Like her hair getting messy easily when we played with her….. caring for dolls is not easy. Luckily we can just brush her hair and it becomes smooth and shiny right away. This is WUD holding Julie. (Julie: Hi!)

Well I really, really hate that Julie’s underwear has to be sewn to her. Why did they have to do that?! Look at this photo.

What a cool meet outfit, a peace sign t-shirt with a layered yellow crochet, sleeveless jacket, and jeans with a floral print. Sorry if you can’t see the purple sandals.

Here, Julie is different, her eyebrows are not feathered. They are straight.  And notice how her lips are lighter than the contemporary Tenney.

Her hair has a braid at the side of her head and the rest of the hair is straight. Plus her hair is parted from the middle of her head not like Maryellen which is from the side of her head.

Hmm, why does Julie’s hair looks blueish? Maybe the lighting is a little dark. Hey, that makes a perfect background, the EAH room of a castle. By the way I’m going to log off so I can play with WUD in the EAH castle and make up stories. WUD and I are very good storytellers, maybe I will write one down and write it for a post. Bye.

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