Ever After High Castle and Dolls Report

I have an EAH castle and WUD owns it and a lot of dolls. Let me name them, careful they are in order of when WUD got them.

Blondie Locks: Daughter of Goldie Locks
Apple White: Daughter of Snow White
Raven Queen (my No. 1 favorite): Daughter of The Evil Queen
Cedar Wood: Daughter of Pinocchio
Courtly Jester (WUD’s No. 1 favorite): Daughter of The Joker
Gingerbread House (WUD and my No. 1 worst favorite): Daughter of The Candy Witch
Holly O’Hair: Daughter of Rapunzel
Draculaura: Daughter of  Dracula
Ashlyn Ella: Daughter of Cinderella
Lizzie Hearts (WUD’s No. 2 favorite): Daughter of The Queen Of Hearts
Kitty Cheshire  (WUD’s No. 3 favorite): Daughter of The Cheshire Cat
Nina Thumbell: Daughter of Thumbelina
Darling Charming  (My No. 3 favorite): Daughter of King Charming
Apple White: Daughter of Snow White
Raven Queen (my No. 2 favorite): Daughter of The Evil Queen
Madeline Hatter (WUD’s No. 4 favorite): Daughter of The Mad Hatter
Ashlyn Ella: Daughter of Cinderella
Madeline Hatter (WUD’s No. 5 favorite): Daughter of The Mad Hatter
Crystal Winter (my No. 4 favorite): Daughter of The Winter Queen = 19 dolls

See, wow! That’s how much my sis has, plus hairstyling accessories, the Winter Sparklizer, a bakery that comes with our No. 1 worst favorite doll, a tea set that came with a fancy style Madeline Hatter, and some pets. Earl Grey: Madeline Hatter, Shuffle: Lizzie Hearts, Nevermore: Raven Queen, Gala: Apple White, and Prince: Darling Charming.

In this room Shuffle specifically is brushing his long bristles and turning around to see himself in the mirror. Then he show everyone himself. The table is actually for dolls to sit on and comb their hair.

Courtly is having harp lessons while I have flute lessons. WUD accidentally took away Courtly’s harp so that counts as Courtly for forgetting it at home.

Here Madeline Hatter in the lockers room and there is her locker. she is here to talk about lockers. Inside her locker is shoes, and work to complete.

The “fancy Madeline Hatter” is sitting on a slide down seat on the stairs. When you bring her up, she slides down. Behind her is Crystal Winter, She is in the magical place where you vanish away to somewhere else. Now I need to leave to go to sleep before anybody finds out I’m still awake, (yawn) Bye.

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