My New AG Doll Julie Albright Review

AG’s going to have some dolls’ underwear sewn to their body?! Oh NO!!! That is terrible! I would hate to see that happen. Among the list of the dolls, Julie Albright is one of them. So before that happens, I had to get her and I have something to say about Julie. When I took off her hair net-OOH LALA- her hair was so soft, long. It was nothing alike to Tenney’s dry and brittle hair. But Julie has some bad things too. Like her hair getting messy easily when we played with her….. caring for dolls is not easy. Luckily we can just brush her hair and it becomes smooth and shiny right away. This is WUD holding Julie. (Julie: Hi!)

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Ever After High Epic Winter Winter Sparklier and Crystal Winter Doll

Christmas has long gone but why does WUD still have presents to open?! Because that’s how funny she is. She wants to take her sweet little time and says she will open one at a time. Anyways today she opened an Ever After High aka EAH playset, it’s the……………….. CRYSTAL WINTER SPARKLIZER!

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Madeline Hatter’s Tea Time Traditions – Hat-Tastic Tea Party Playset

WUD got another EAH toy named Madeline Hatter’s Wonderlicius Hat-tastic tea party set around last Christmas. She likes it a lot because she says it’s kind of like Rebecca’s Tea Time Traditions. This time she invited Courtly Jester, Apple White, Kitty Cheshire, and Lizzie Hearts over to her house. Hmm where’s her pet, Earl Grey?

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