American Girl Christmas Gift Sets Finds at Costco

In the past weeks, I noticed that AG things start appearing in different stores, like Toys R Us and Kohl’s. But today we are going to talk about the Costco store. At Costco I saw things like Truly Me pets, various activity sets, Beforever mini dolls and three-book sets, and Lea activity set.


But this is very strange, the Samantha doll along with her holiday outfit and fancy winter coat was also there. Continue reading

American Girl Truly Me and WellieWishers Grand Opening Event at Toys R Us October 29 2016

I’m just back from Toys R Us because I went to a grand opening of AG dolls, Truly Me and WellieWishers. Even better I got a Truly Me activity set and Wind Up Doll too. But too bad that the two new dolls that came out recently don’t have activity sets. By the way I spotted the logo first.


Do you see the long line of Truly Me dolls? But when I looked closely at the dolls their hair were messed up. I wonder why. I can see 27!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Continue reading

Doll Sized Bean Bag Chair Cushion for AG Dolls

Ring, ring, went the bell~! Wind Up Doll here. I’m back again with good, good news in another post while my sis is finishing her homework. If you saw my beautiful Rebecca’s holiday dress that my mom made her the other day, you probably already spotted this cute little bean bag chair that Rebecca and Lea sitting on.


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Rebecca’s New Holiday Dress Green Satin with Lace Overlay

Ring, ring, went the bell~! Wind up doll here!!! Since my sister’s in a super tardy mood, I decided to take over this blog… for now. So what do we have today? You guessed right, Rebecca’s got a brand new dress for the upcoming holiday season. How sad AG didn’t have a new holiday dress for her this year and I didn’t like the color of her other holiday dress, so we decided to make her one.

american-girl-rebecca-rubin-green-satin-lace-dress Continue reading

My Exciting Trip To Levi’s Stadium

I guess the title right here gives it away that I went to Levi’s Stadium!!!!  Plus, I did go there. This might be boring with so few pictures but look what I got here. A playbook!!! It is for keeps too. I thought this might not be a proper thing to talk about but I can’t resist showing you. I had to wake up before 8:30 AM to go to school. But I was still tired, yawn. But the day was perfect. Like I rode on a bus about 5 minutes and got to their museum. I also went to a place called a play zone. The best things were that I saw their trophies and I got to eat on special seats and played on their grass. The day went so quickly by and I had to get back on the bus and ride back to school. But it was a really fun day . Since you didn’t go I can show you the most interesting pages in the playbook . This is what the front cover looks like: San Francisco 49ers Learning Playbook

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