On the Way to Go to School..!

I had such a long day today at school. It was like a roller coaster but definitely was a happy ending! So I began my day by going to school with my favorite Wind Up Doll. I brought all the books I had checked out previously with me to school since it was library day. Now, I love library day because one of my interest is all about reading. I could spend the whole day reading Harry Potter if I didn’t have to eat and sleep. Reading is so much fun.

Upon arrival we started our schedule of reading, then to math and finally recess time. We call it, “Snack recess.” You get to eat a snack or two before going back to the next class. It really helps especially after a boring math class. At recess Wind Up Doll happened to be there even though she was supposed to be studying in class. Maybe her class went for a change today. Immediately without thinking I brought my friends over to introduce them to her. We had fun talking and playing even though it was so short!

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American Girl Ultimate Visual Guide and Ultimate Sticker Collection from Costco

Yesterday I told you that I got those 2 books at Costco. I was going to check on the toy section for the AG dolls or even craft books but they didn’t have any. I was disappointed until I spotted this cute little girl in shiny blue dress with a yellow puppet sitting by her feet. Then I saw the iconic star sign along with “American Girl” words on the cover! Woohoo the Ultimate Visual Guide.  Even better there’s a sticker fun book laying right besides it. It’s the Ultimate Sticker Collection book. Without much hesitation, I picked one each and carried them dearly like a baby while we shopped for other stuff.

When I got home I investigated them right away. I noticed the thick cover had been folded in. So I turned it around and looked at it. “Folded out this jacket into a poster. ” How cool!!!

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