My Exciting Trip To Levi’s Stadium

I guess the title right here gives it away that I went to Levi’s Stadium!!!! ¬†Plus, I did go there. This might be boring with so few pictures but look what I got here. A playbook!!! It is for keeps too. I thought this might not be a proper thing to talk about but I can’t resist showing you. I had to wake up before 8:30 AM to go to school. But I was still tired, yawn. But the day was perfect. Like I rode on a bus about 5 minutes and got to their museum. I also went to a place called a play zone. The best things were that I saw their trophies and I got to eat on special seats and played on their grass. The day went so quickly by and I had to get back on the bus and ride back to school. But it was a really fun day . Since you didn’t go I can show you the most interesting pages in the playbook . This is what the front cover looks like: San Francisco 49ers Learning Playbook

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