Costco and Toys R Us Shop Run

Last week I went to Costco and Toys R Us. Right after I stepped inside Costco, I saw these huge bears that is so cute that I want to hug them.

Costco Bear Plush

I also saw scary, bold witches doing something with a pirate skeleton. Halloween comes early this year. I wonder which costume I should be wearing this year.

costco-halloween-witches costco-pirate-skeleton

I was also surprised to see American Girl Ultimate Visual Guide and Sticker Collection. Of course I had to take them home. My mummy told me that she saw the Ultimate Visual Guide coming out on Amazon a while ago. I can’t believe it’s already in Costco but in a different cover. It’s only $14.99. Go run to the Costco and grab one now!

costco-american-girl-ultimate-visual-guide American Girl Ultimate Visual Guide and Sticker Collection

There’re also some books and Disney Princess Elsa and Anna Dolls there. I didn’t see many other toys yet. I’m assuming they’ll have more in coming towards the holiday season. By the way, I saw an AG display crate up on the shelf in the snack section. It’s too high up there to see what’s inside. Why can’t they set it up already!



Costco was freezing cold that day but Toys R Us was the opposite. It was warm and had more toys than Costco. It had a lot of back packs and school stuff on clearance. Wind Up Doll and I each got a back pack and lunch box which only costed $7. There were so many dolls and toys on sale too. Barbies were buy 1 get 1 40% off, Journey Girls were 30% off, some of the Little Live Pets were 30% off. I got a Blythe’s Bedroom set from Littlest Pet Shop which is very cute. Wind Up Doll got two mouses. When I got home I played with my bedroom set. It was fun to play with but a little hard to put together.






toys-r-us-journey-girls-camping-tent toys-r-us-ever-after-high-hairstyling-holly




We also saw the AG Wellie Wishers stuff in TRU, including Magic Theater Play Tent, Love & Caring Carriage and Garden Theater Stage. It looks like TRU’s got all the good stuff for WellieWishers collection. Someday I’ll take them home. I’m thinking of Willa and Emerson. But the other 3 are equally cute so I can’t really decide which one to get first.



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