Huge American Girl Summer Sale Haul

The American Girl’s online store is having a ton of sales going on right now. It started about a month ago and some of the hot items were already sold out before I put in the order. But still I scored.


I got all the Doll’Do headbands and braided extension that I could find. They were originally priced at $15 and now it’s only $3. So it’s a great deal. I also got some outfits and shoes for my dollie. I love how the old Truly Me outfits came with a charm.

The ones I got are Starry Hoodie Outfit for Dolls, Purple Peacock PJ’s for Dolls, Summer Hoodie Set for 18-inch Dolls and Sporty Shoes. I also got Warm Winter Outfit even though it’s not on sale. I figured Kaya would be happy to have a new outfit and snow boots since winter’s coming.


The play outfits I got are the Karate Class Set and Softball Set. Dolls need work out to stay fit.



The bag and sunscreen from the Swim Tote and Gear isn’t just for summer. My doll can use them everyday. Also the Go Girl Glasses is a must-have when she goes out and shops in style. After a tiring day, the Deluxe Spa Set is perfect to get her back in shape.


I was hesitating about getting the Camp Treat Set. It’s $29 on sale, originally $58, a bit pricy. But I’m so glad I got it. The whole set is so cute. I love how everything comes in a set of 2. There’re 2 cups, 2 plates, 2 slices of melons, 2 of everything. That way my doll can share foods with Wind Up Doll’s doll. I also love that after done playing, I can put everything in the storage bag and not losing them.


For the Beforever stuff, I got Samantha’s Flower-Picking Set and Samantha’s Hairstyling Set for my mom. She’ll love to take her Samantha to the garden or park someday. I also got Caroline’s Accessories. We don’t have a Caroline doll but the straw bonnet is so adorable. I just had to get it.


That’s it for my huge AG haul. Katsee-yow-yow, Toe-ta and Eetsa!

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