American Girl Scavenger Hunt at TRU, Kohl’s, and Michael’s

On Monday, September 19th, I went to find AG dolls at stores. It was warm so we barely even wore our jackets. We went to Toys R Us first because we knew they have some Wellie Wishers stuff out already. I heard they were going to carry Truly Me in the store and wondering if they were already in there. But I guess not so soon. We did see many Wellie Wishers were sold and the shelf seemed a bit empty. It’s good that people like them.



I also saw some AG lego like stuff, I think it’s made by Megablocks or something. The quality isn’t as good as Lego though. I was so happy to see the dolls section. It showed a variety of dolls. There are Barbie, Ever After High, Monsters High, Bratz. Then we saw a ton of Journey Girls stuff sitting on 3 big shelfs. I wonder why Journey Girls have so much space and Wellie Wishers don’t!?




Shopkins section! I have a load of them. The tall mall looks nice, it can be pushed down to form a short mall.



We then went to Kohl’s for any signs of AG dolls because I heard they were going to carry them in store soon. We saw jewelry and a lot of clothes but not toys. So we thought the store was too small to carry any. But SUDDENLY we saw the escalator. We went upstairs. The whole 2nd floor belongs to kids. Kids clothes, kids toys, kids books… Sadly to tell the truth, AG dolls were not found. But… we spotted an AG doll designer book. It even showed Kaya in her BeForever and modern day look for us clothes!!! We didn’t buy it but we were happy to see some AG stuff selling.

Finally we went to Michaels. At the store I found out they also had dolls. They are called Modern Girl by Creatology. There wasn’t that much for variety. It was only 4. The dolls also came with different clothes to wear. The selection wasn’t huge it was pretty small.


I like the one that has the pink one with ruffles and a pink bow. That will look good on Kaya.


They also have Shopkins and Num Noms toys and they’re on sale for Buy one get one 50% off. The Lip Gloss Truck is what we got. We also got some carrying cases for my shopkins collection.

michaels-shopkins-bogo michaels-num-noms-bogo

This is the stuff we used to make for Robin’s dessert. The price is a little higher than Toys R Us and Target but if you use a 50% off coupon, then it’s not that bad. They did have the clay only pack that no one else has and we bought the pink pack to make more macaroons.

poppit-clay-at-michaelsYay! AG Crafts!!! Bet they are lot’s of fun!!

american-girl-crafts american-girl-crafts-at-michaels

After such a long hunting day, I really didn’t find any AG dolls. But remember I told you that Costco had an AG display crate. I wonder what will be in there. Let’s hope anytime an AG doll is waiting in there. If you would like to know what is in there, stay tuned and be on the lookout. Bye!

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