Ever After High Book And Dolls

Hi guys!!!! I’m back from reading the book below. You are probably wondering why this is not about AG. Well don’t wonder because the explanation is here. I got this book from my school’s book fair. I thought this looked good for an article so I wrote it. I assumed it was about wonderland magic. I was right, it was about it. As a matter of fact, it was about Ever After High wonderland magic.


On the front cover there are four girls, their names are Raven Queen, Apple White, Madeline Hatter, and Cedar Wood. Apple White wanted to follow her mother’s footpath but Raven Queen didn’t want to which made things worse.


This is what the inside of the book looks like, it has no pictures which is usual for me. These two dolls are Apple White and Raven Queen. These dolls belong to Wind Up Doll whom I always ask to play her dolls.


HMMM these dolls look like sisters but they are only friends and they are holding hands. Apple White’s hair style is made by Wind Up Doll. She is a very skilled hairstylist don’t you agree for a very young age. And I mean it. I adore them all the time. Today is a very busy and sleeeepyyy day so let’s stop here. And katsee-yow-yow Wind Up Doll for letting me photo-shoot these dolls. ByeBye!

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