Amazing Designs With Clay

Hi, I’m back from playing my dolls and my tiny vacation. I’m going to tell about these interesting things I have here.

There are some clay above but not any just any ordinary clay. It is eraser clay!!!!!!! Which are very soft and easy to mold in a second they are already soft. But unlike the white clay, it is very hard and it indeed takes hours to soften it. Just kidding… it might take about six or seven minutes to soften.Very difficult.

Here we have the materials and some finished models. Hey!!?? Why didn’t the white clay show??? Here it shows six, but it should show seven different colors of clay and some tools, rolling pin. I wouldn’t use a dirty rolling pin to make food. By the way I love fooood.

Yummy!!!! All these foods are going to make my mouth water. I made perfect little cakes, candy apples, lollipops, and a cotton candy. Awww!!!! Those look so cute for AG dolls to wear and eat. Kaya can’t resist eating those little cute food.


So here it is. All of these mini foods are so cute. All of these are a gift to Kaya. I bet she will be so happy and grateful. The thing I love best is Kaya’s foods in a basket that I made. I think you are probably thinking about how to make all of these so small things so I’ll leave you silent. Ta ta…

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