My Exciting Trip To Levi’s Stadium

I guess the title right here gives it away that I went to Levi’s Stadium!!!! ¬†Plus, I did go there. This might be boring with so few pictures but look what I got here. A playbook!!! It is for keeps too. I thought this might not be a proper thing to talk about but I can’t resist showing you. I had to wake up before 8:30 AM to go to school. But I was still tired, yawn. But the day was perfect. Like I rode on a bus about 5 minutes and got to their museum. I also went to a place called a play zone. The best things were that I saw their trophies and I got to eat on special seats and played on their grass. The day went so quickly by and I had to get back on the bus and ride back to school. But it was a really fun day . Since you didn’t go I can show you the most interesting pages in the playbook . This is what the front cover looks like: San Francisco 49ers Learning Playbook

the best place in the book is right here: I like it because we can learn how to draw helmets and footballs. San Francisco 49ers Learning Playbook Design In FootballYou maybe will be a designer of footballs because you spend so much time trying to draw. Doesn’t that sound fun?!?! So this is what it is about. Levi’s Stadium was fun but other trips are more fun. And did you know I was eating a popsicle while writing this?!?! Well I got to end because I’m going to wash my mouth.

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