Rebecca’s New Holiday Dress Green Satin with Lace Overlay

Ring, ring, went the bell~! Wind up doll here!!! Since my sister’s in a super tardy mood, I decided to take over this blog… for now. So what do we have today? You guessed right, Rebecca’s got a brand new dress for the upcoming holiday season. How sad AG didn’t have a new holiday dress for her this year and I didn’t like the color of her other holiday dress, so we decided to make her one.


It all started with this dark emerald green satin fabric I spotted in the remanent basket. It’s a big piece of fabric and only costed $4 with discount. And we already have a ton of Simplicity Doll clothing making patterns at home. So I picked look D on S0172 os/ 8039. The pictured dress used sequin fabric for the upper shoulder but we didn’t have. My mom said we could use some lace instead.



So here we are, the finished dress!!! Rebecca looks so happy in her new dress. Isn’t she the prettiest doll ever?!


This is what the inside looks like. Everything is fully lined with no raw edges. My mom did a little variation when she sewed the dress. She said the instruction for the sleeves didn’t make sense but that doesn’t matter to me. I just think the dress looks super cute on Rebecca. I even picked the star shaped slider for her belt instead of the round shaped on the picture. I also asked mom to use snaps instead of velcro because it won’t mess up Rebecca’s hair at all.


Photoshoot time!!! The dress is so glamorous on Rebecca. I liked the extra length on her.



Me and my Rebecca are going out to the AG store now. Yippie~!!!


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