Doll Sized Bean Bag Chair Cushion for AG Dolls

Ring, ring, went the bell~! Wind Up Doll here. I’m back again with good, good news in another post while my sis is finishing her homework. If you saw my beautiful Rebecca’s holiday dress that my mom made her the other day, you probably already spotted this cute little bean bag chair that Rebecca and Lea sitting on.


In our living room, we have this exact bean bag chair made using Simplicity pattern 5105. I begged my mom to make one for our dolls as well. And guess what? Here it is our new doll chair. I picked out 2 fat quarters from the craft store. Why are they called fat quarters anyway?!! Maybe because they are really, really fat and could possibly make a whole bean bag for a real person.


My mom downsized the simplicity pattern so it’s sized for our dolls.


She added a scrap fabric for the top and gripper fabric for the bottom. She also sewed it together and all is left to do is FILLING!!!!!!


This kind of fabric is gripper fabric, material for the slippers.


This is me filling the bean bag chair. I love playing with these plastic pellets, I always pretend they are eggies. They are really heavy though compared to the foam kind bean bag fillers used in our big bean bag chair. I think actual beans may work better than either one. The pellets are too small but heavy and the foam beans are too light and easily crushed.


After sewing the opening shut, the chair is all finished. Yippee for Rebecca.



Just look at the look on Rebecca’s face. She likes it and offers Lea a seat. Now they both like it. That’s why my sister and I always fight for the bean bag chair in the living room. The good thing is the chair is big enough for both of us to sit on.

american-girl-doll-rebecca-rubin-on-bean-bag-chairHey, did you see the cool pumpkin or kumkin as I always call it? Why is it hanging around here anyway? I guess I didn’t pay attention to the kumkin lying around. But at this very second Rebecca stole some candy for herself because it is almost Halloween:)!!! Magpie!!! Kidding. So she got this kumkin from her owner which is me and she carved it but actually it was a box, case. I hope you are amazed with my post and just so you know my sis is going to take over in a couple of days or today. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

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