Our Generation Doll Audra

Hi, sorry for being away for almost a week. If you had looked more closely at the title, you’d see that this doll’s name is Audra. What a pretty name for a doll like Audra. But you didn’t know that also secretly Wind Up Doll is the one who picked her. She picked her because if you looked at the second picture, you will see a doughnut. I actually wanted Celeste because she had a pretty barrette that is gold.


HAHAHAHA!!!!! Says me. Do you notice the house belonging to Mr. Rabbit??? Well a family of beavers just moved in and lived with the rabbit family. Do you also notice the ears? It is pierced ears.


This is the overall box and things or accessories. She comes along with a jewelry stand. I think she is a candy shop buyer, that she likes candy so much she made herself lots and lots pairs of earrings.


This is the close up of her pretty face!!!! [squeal] She looks so cute.


The back of Audra’s box has the place where it has the including along with the doll list and a story, the story was sad 🙁


This letter said it was from Audra but every box has the same words on it. I just think it was really from the company’s leader or manager.


Notice all of these earrings behind the doll. They are all sweets, there is a doughnut, a pink macaroon, a slice of cake, a frosted muffin, a candy apple, and a another frosted cake. She is probably a candy lover.


Note this, do you see eye shadow on her closed eyes?? She probably is the only few OG dolls that has glittery eye shadow. Besides her eyes are grayish greenish. She has thin eye brows and eyelashes. Her eyes don’t fully shut when she lies down. I wonder why… I also notice that her head is very flimsy and wobbly.


OH, BOY. How do you untangle this??? What a mess of tape and strings. Anyway Mum helped untangle the mess. Good gracias.


This thing is a manual about how to detangle and care for her hair. Her hair is a straight one and a lot thinner than the AG dolls. It feels very soft and has a beautiful sheen under the light. CAUTION don’t put it near fire or extreme heat. I don’t want to see her hair melt.


This background has the rabbit family and beaver family. Cute. but our main focus is on the jewelry stand. She has as pair of hair clips, four bracelets, headbands, and of course the earrings.


The actual earrings are here, the ones I said that were earrings weren’t actual earrings. Their use was charms for bracelets. I read that on the box.


Finally you can see the pink macaroon earring. It might not look like a macaroon to you but then on I don’t know what it is. She has two pairs of studs earrings, one pink and one black. The charms can be put on if you prefer. But there’s a small gap between the earring and her ear. Hmm the direction is a little off.


Do you see Mr. Beaver on the balcony?? Luckily the beaver doesn’t chew on wood. Do you know what is in the purse?? In there includes sunglasses, a candy apple, and three wrapped candy in a gift bag. That’s from another OG accessory, Sweet Tooth. So Audra really is going candy shopping. Do you know that Wind Up Doll loves candy too? Her favorite is Starburst.

our-generation-audra-doll-outfitI hoped you enjoyed my OG doll and accessories report. By the way this belongs to Wind Up Doll so I better hand this over or uh, oh. See you next time!

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