American Girl Truly Me and WellieWishers Grand Opening Event at Toys R Us October 29 2016

I’m just back from Toys R Us because I went to a grand opening of AG dolls, Truly Me and WellieWishers. Even better I got a Truly Me activity set and Wind Up Doll too. But too bad that the two new dolls that came out recently don’t have activity sets. By the way I spotted the logo first.


Do you see the long line of Truly Me dolls? But when I looked closely at the dolls their hair were messed up. I wonder why. I can see 27!!!!!!!!! 🙂 She is in the first row, the second one.


So this is the sign that says grand opening, notice it is red and white. So the balloons are red and white too.


The moment has come, woo hoo!!!!!!!!! This is the ribbon cutting event. The explanation is that the store employees block the route to see with a ribbon and then they cut it. It will show in the few pictures below.






But I was not happy about something, it was that the store gave away the ribbon to people to keep and guess what I didn’t even get one piece. It’s so not fair -_-


I think this Truly Me has very fat, fat cheeks, HAHAHA!!!!!!! Did you notice that the bottom corner only shows the doll picture without the activity set? Yes the dolls don’t come with activity set anymore. They should put in something else instead.


All of these dolls are trapped in a prison, help!:o I even can’t touch them or feel them. I guess that one of the girls hurt herself at soccer game, another girl playing tennis, one playing basketball, and of course a cheerleader cheering the players on.


I can’t believe that American Girl is putting the clothes they made into bags not boxes :o! Well I guess you can see the bags with clothing in there.


Do you think the pesty little pets has finished their food:[? I don’t think so because there are still food. Maybe they want to go play with the owner. Playful pets:)


She might be looking at a movie with popcorn, but all I know is that she is very comfortable in that comfy chair. Look, candy! WHOO maybe she’s watching a haunted movie.


Okay this is very funny, the doll you are seeing is having her hair straight up to the top of box due to static. You might have not seen that because it is not visible enough to see.


Finally we passed the Truly Me section, it is very long. So I’m glad we are here. If you don’t know this Wind Up Doll loves Emerson, me: Willa. So it seems like Emerson is having tea with Princess Ashlyn to greet her because Emerson is right off the WellieWisher carriage.



Willa and Emerson say: Bye, sleep tight. They said it to Ashlyn. I’m going to write something about Halloween on Halloween night so look out for a surprise on Halloween night if you can.

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