My Best Halloween At School and American Girl

Believe me, this year’s Halloween was the best. It is also my first Halloween at AG. Remember that I told you there was a surprise today? Well this is the surprise.


Wind Up Doll helped make this while my mum glued them and then putted it on a piece of white paper. WUD known as Wind Up Doll gave this to her teacher and her teacher LOVED it.


I had a parade today at school to celebrate Halloween. So I was dressed as a fairy to parade. Afterwards I changed into my uniform and WUD too. My parents were also there to take photos so I can show you.


All of these children were wearing some crazy costumes except for the Pikachu. Like the first one, he or she is wearing a scary mask and is wearing a tattered, black dress.


Do you see me, I am the one in purple and has a funny mask on. I am also the one that is looking over here.


Do you see WUD, and her teacher? Her teacher has a cone hat on and is green. WUD is wearing a Mulan costume and she also is looking at us.


Finally after the long ride we are finally here at AG. My sister had changed into her cow costume and I’m still in my pretty fairy costume. All of these books are Lea’s but I wonder why they are giving it out.


This is WUD and me learning to weave and make a Halloween pumpkin.


WUD is trying to do it faster than me but I finished it first anyway. We also did get two tootsie rolls, a sticker sheet, and each a Lea book.


This funny pumpkin is a sign of a place to trick-or-treat. Look at how funny the pumpkin looks like.


HMM!! I wonder if this is a cow or an alien. Anyway it’s something on a balloon.


WUD’s pumpkin looks funny to me. But she did a great job to me. This is also a real pumpkin to decorate on.


These are the ingredients to get started on decorating. The ribbon, glue, pumpkin, and google eyes are the ingredients I used to decorate my pumpkin.


The stickers, paper pumpkin, whistle, kind looking pumpkin, and the yellow balloon dog are all mine. The others are WUD’s.


This is a closeup of AG’s craft pumpkin I took home. Notice the words printed all over it. I think it is cute and looks like a Hershey chocolate.


This flower belongs to WUD and I am helping, I am holding it. So the surprise is that I sewn a pumpkin and used crafty things to make a pumpkin. I am also going to carve a pumpkin. It is getting late too, Happy Halloween!!!

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