A Day at the Hair Salon with American Girl Dolls

This perfect hair salon has everything you need including a salon chair, a hairstyling caddy, and a hair salon scene backdrop. I always thought the salon chair was very cushiony but when the first time I touched it, it felt like plastic. I also never knew there was a mini hair pick in the caddy. But WUD knew it from playing the set in the store.


Theres 27 in the back, having her hair hot curled!!!!! 🙂 But theres another chair in the photo. Some things weren’t taken out of their plastic bags in case you saw plastic bags everywhere in the photos.


The hair dryer has noise and when I blow on a whistle I got at the Halloween Parade, it makes a similar sound. HAHAHAHA I see some Bitty Baby lotions and shampoos on the shelf.


Did you know that the thingy at the bottom is something for sucking the bottom of the salon chair? So the chair WOULDN’T escape.


Now for some doll salon photoshoot…


This is Emi Peridot which is Truly Me 19. She’s named after her green eyes, the color of emerald or peridot.


61!!!!! WUD loves 61 and she named her Anna Rubin, cousin of her Rebecca doll. But we don’t know for sure if she looks like that though. Also her hair looks like the Frozen character Anna. So she’s definitely Anna.


Now you know who they are let’s go play! Emi welcomes… Anna in.


YAY, Anna’s ready for some cutting and hairstyling. Emi put the cape over Anna to keep her clothes clean and starts to iron curl Anna’s hair.


Look how glad Anna is!!! 🙂


Emi took a long time curling Anna’s hair because there were a lot of them that were messy. Anna needs a hairdo badly.


Look at the hairstyle WUD made for Anna Rubin. So to make sense Emi watches to make a master hairstylist.


She twisted two strands of hair from sides and made a cute ponytail.

our-generation-og-doll-audra-in-salon-chairThese two dolls have their hair curled and styled. But I think Audra‘s hairstyle is much more cooler. If you don’t know this, the girls had a good time there. Besides this was also the post I was going to write about. But we need to stop… back to the hair salon. Bye!

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