American Girl Starry Sleepover Set and 8-in-1 Super Crafts Set from Costco

Hi, this out of the world starry sleepover is cool and I forgot to tell you about my mum got the sleepover set and an AG crafts set from Costco yesterday. The super crafts set is even on sale with $5 dollars coupon. It’s such a great deal because it comes with jumbo sets, like 3 or 4 regular sets put together. I will decorate some doll T-shirts with my sister later on. But for now, let’s just take a look at some pictures.


Look at the girls having a fun time, do you notice who the three girls are? The girls’ names are Lea, Emi Peridot, and the famous movie star… Rebecca Rubin!!!!!!


Well these two sets are still in their boxes waiting to be opened up and played with. ( Note this, the boxes and stuff are hard to get out. Of course not as hard as the OG or Ever After High dolls.)


HEYYY!!!!! The left hand side doll really looks like 2nd Samantha or only I thought so. But Emi also looks like 3rd Samantha. But Mum said she doesn’t look one bit like Samantha.


The back of the box is very typical. It is all about the contents and the accessories to give you and your dolly.


(Gasp) I was surprised by this: Mum looked on the internet and found some facts about this product. She once thought that inside the box there was a girl sized shirt inside too. But there were no girl sized shirt.


We finally opened it up!!!!! The things are almost free from the packaging 🙁 We can make lots of dress stuff like bracelets, backpacks, shirts, and skirts.



The shirts, tulle, backpack, and templates are out. WooHoo:) The braiding clip is kinda strange because it looks nothing related to braiding.


The braiding instructions can be tricky but you might complete it. But the stamping instructions are probably much more easier like 3,000x easier. I can’t wait to make some accessories with WUD this weekend. I will show you once I’m done.


YAY!!! 🙂 we are finally here and we can talk about the sleepover set.


(Check) (Check) Oh let’s get back on track. I was talking about the ingredients that were in the set and all of them were there and safe.


This set is completely out of its box. So that in the first photo there was Rebecca in the p.j.s and then there was some food and games sprawled out on the floor.



This popcorn feels so real I want a bite! (CRUNCH, CRUNCH I ate all of the popcorn. HAHA! The p.j.s look so fit for Kaya’s pajamas because there are animals and Kaya loves nature and animals.


Fun Fact: My mum painted an Ikea bed all white in three or more days, she also glossed it up and made a mattress and blanket. Anyhoo I think she did a great job. We still need to decorate the bed more besides putting on the star sticker from AG. I hope you loved my post and later I will write about what I got yesterday. Hint a doll but not an AG doll.

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