Ever After High Doll Gingerbread House from Sugar Coated Class

If I had not told you that WUD loves Ever After High you’d know now. Anyhoo this pretty young girl is….. GINGERBREAD HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! Besides I learned anyhoo from EAH aka Ever After High.


Awww. I can’t wait to touch her neither could WUD. I really, really want to touch her. She’s still in the box and I had to take these photos. (GROAN) 🙁


That photo really looks like Apple White and Raven Queen. Only that girl doesn’t have purple hair and eyes.


Look she is in a brick, stony kitchen and she seems so lonely. But she still likes cooking even though she is so lonely.


NOW… 🙁 she’s explaining to her students how to cook and set the oven up. She’s also telling them how to cook a pot of bubbling sweet stew.


Ginger produced a spellicious tasty gingerbread house sugar, frosted cake to her friends. Then amazing them. By, wow!!!!!!!




These two are storage areas but I’ll explain later. So the bench first, it closes and opens like a storage case and it can almost fit anything. But the oven was a different story, it can store and it… can pretend like you are baking.


This wealthy fire is been fed lots wood and it’s ready to shine and bake.



So Ginger cooked something spelltacular and is about to take a drink when… BEEP, BEEP, BEEP went the oven. She quickly put down the pot and opened the oven. In it was a black smoke, when it cleared she saw burned cupcakes but who cares, hex yeah.


Now she is going to her adorned stove to cook something more spelltacular sweets.



The gold specified chimney and sign looks very pretty. By the way I like the color gold.


But this poster helps her in the tough cooking, so thats why she cooks so good.


This day is very tiring and she rests nicely in her gingerbread chair.  But she is also very happy because tomorrow she is having the sugar coated contest!!


What is she doing now?? Dancing? Or doing a pose? Doing a pose to cool down? Whatever she’s doing I hope you loved my report about Gingerbread House and her sugar coated kitchen. Bye now.

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