Star Darlings Libby and the Class Election Book Set

Oh I’m so, so sorry that I had told you I would write about this and instead writing other posts first. But I did get this doll from Costco and yesterday I just got a another Star Darling Scarlet, a bold rebel doll. So that’s why I love rebels and Raven Queen so, so much.


So as the title gives it away you know that the doll’s name is Libby Darling aka L.D. Even though she has freckles and I don’t like them, I take her.


When can I take her out? I’m so bored of waiting. Wait a minute, should I tell you this too? Okay, when I took her out and played with WUD, WUD messed her hair up. So as always I am plain mad. Like who won’t be angry when their sis broke their toy.


HUH, she’s still in the box? I thought the photo that you last saw was a photo of a doll out of its box. So wanna hear some story, look at the next two photos.


The whole story is done and already read. I launched forward in order to tell you the story. So there are the girls that need to go to Wish World, a place. Libby transformed herself from pink, pink, pink to pink and brown so she’d blend in on Wish World.


But she totally transformed, her hair, her eye color, and she was supposed to have sparkly skin. So they went to Wish World to gather wish energy and that’s the whole point.


What a cute face that I always want with pretty pink hair, pretty wish necklace, and pink things so on. Her eyes are even pink.


So this is what her precious outfit looks like anyway with sparkle, sparkle, and sparkle! ( I’m angry with all the sparkle)


I love, love her wish pendant that it has wish energy and is pink. Note this, Libby also said  everyone must try pizza. That is because she never ate pizza before.


Her sparkle shoes have stars on the side and is pink. Her shoes match her leggings. So pretty and note this I said sparkle many times.



I’m now down to my very last short paragraph. Hey, why is the hair a little dark pink and a little light pin- (yawn) my it is late, very late and I need to sleep. I also hope you loved my post and here is an emoji. 😴

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