American Girl Crafts Sweet Charms Doll Boots for Kaya

Hey, I’m back and guess what? Yesterday Kaya got new boots!!!! Kaya’s so, so glad and they are comfortable. :|) Oh, Kaya wants to talk to you. Hey guys, Kaya here. Know what I got, new boots. “New boots,” you asked? They are not the good looking but scratchy OG boots. It’s a new pair of boots from AG Crafts. Plus when I posted it out, I mean my owner posted it out. The first person who left a comment sure needs to see this. It’ll answer her questions.


So Kaya is done talking and I’m back to talking. Okay this is what the box looks like with no things out of it yet. This premade boots craft is similar to the crafts kit I got from Costco. Though it doesn’t fit for Kaya’s meet outfit I still use it. It should be great with Kaya’s Pow-Wow dress instead. I pretend it was made of blue jay skin which looks perfect.




Interesting, they do this while I put the thread on my index finger and mash it off. It might take some time before, ta-da you did it.


As my mum said always look at the instructions before doing a craft, and mostly important, look at the contents to check if something’s missing. So you can make sure everything is there when you start your project.


So to make sure, ……. nothing’s missing. So wouldn’t you like a pretty felt charm or anybody would really love a felt charm. Even me wants one.


This is my hand holding the barely finished boot up close. Note how the elastic sometimes makes the fringe slip and it unravels or it does something like you failed.


So tell what, me done or me half done? I am done!! It is so pretty and plus I got inspired by the “Twinkle” shoes to make those sparkle gems. Another thing, I got inspired by the OG boots that had fringe cuffs.


Cute, Kaya holding a pretty nice shoe in her hand. She’s giddy with excitement and loves the shoes and made a vow that she will wear it but don’t know if true.


She’s ready for a tap dance with soggy foam on her shoe bottom? Though it is not wet I’m just joking around. Also the shoes don’t match with her outfit and almost the fringe on her dress covers the shoes. She definitely needs the Pow-Wow dress to complete her look.


Kaya definitely needs to wear these out so people will know how cool it is. Also she needs to wear it out instead of those rough OG shoes for her comfort.


Oh, no I forgot to show you Scarlet on the last post I wrote. So you saw her now with her close friend, Libby. And a gigantic Kaya. Wow this is definitely Scarlet style because of the way how she drums and acts. So I hoped you loved my post and the jokes I did. Bye bye.

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