24 Days of Christmas – Disney Tsum Tsum Countdown to Christmas Holiday Advent Calendar

Okay I wrote this post the same day I wrote the post: Star Darlings Best Thanksgiving. I was supposed to write this on Dec. the 1st so I have to catch up. As for this post I will write for day number 1 and day number 2. I must hurry and write this before bed time. Okay for this whole month I am going to write about my review everyday about this Disney Tsum Tsum advent calendar. As I always say the title gave it away. This time it really did.



So the back of the box as you can see will tell you a great deal of facts or some hints. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA look at Tigger’s tail poking out from a surprise door but it’s actually not a real figurine. It is actually part of the advent calendar. But still have belly laughs at that. Wow there is even a candy train. I can’t wait to see the train and let my Tsum Tsums ride in it.=


So as long as you can see we opened the calendar and the 1st Tsum Tsum. It is………. Minney Mouse a Disney character. And it is very, very cute. AWWW!!!:|)


Also there is even a tiny tail my mum noticed when putting back it. And WUD and me said “AWWW!!!!” at the same time. At the same time we all thought the mouses tail was cute and funny. So it sounded like this “HAWHAWHAW” sounds funny, huh.


Here’s a even closer look at Santa Minnie. Look at her eye lashes and cute santa hat on her bow.


Now it is time to see the 2nd one Wo – WHY, WHY did they do that there isn’t a Tsum Tsum at all. 😡 Is that a surprise?! At all?!!!


So I guess it is time to stop and wait for tomorrow to check out who the next Tsum Tsum is and I hope there’s something there. Bye until tomorrow where we will find out the next Tsum Tsum.

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