24 Days of Christmas – Disney Tsum Tsum Count Down to Christmas Advent Calendar Figurine Surprise Day 3

As I told you I will write everyday about Tsum Tsum stacking figurines for everyday’s surprises I am already starting right now. So I opened the door – I mean WUD opened the door because we did rock, paper, scissors and I lost. :'( I was so ANGRY that I almost beat up WUD. Now it is funny, HAHAHAHAH!!!! Okay back to the main point about Tsum Tsums. Right now is day three and WUD opened it up…….. it is….. Bambi with a headpiece. A Santa hat of course.


I even thought that it would be Ham the pig but Mum didn’t say anything related to Ham or pigs. But I really wonder why do they have that headpiece. My sis even thought that Bambi and Minney looked cute. She also squealed with delight. I want to collect all of those Tsum Tsums to display on the calendar and pop their heads out every time.


I thought it was Kanga but it was Bambi and I wonder if they really did put a candy train in and put in the manual that shows who are the Tsum Tsums. But my mum said that there weren’t any manuals.


And just like the title said I was surprised indeed. But there wasn’t any curlicue tail like Minney Mouse. There was only a sharp tail and the inside of the tail was yellow and the brown on the outside.


But the bottom of Bambi was also yellow and the surrounding places were brown. I was also done from eating my dinner and to tell you my sis also was last to be finished in the “dinner race”.



Look at Bambi walking down the road and it is pretty cool how the way Bambi is so large. But this time I am talking about that how cool Bambi can stand on her hind legs against the wall. And how cute Minney can stand at the top of the building.


I also made Bambi and Minney’s tails together to compare how their tails look like. But I see that Minney’s tail is more curlicue and Bambi’s tail is more like a flatter tail.


I also need to tell a number of things before I log off and if so and so I’ll tell them. The first thing is that we opened the 2nd one for fun and like a miracle something was inside. It was a star thingy that could be put around one of the Tsum Tsums. The other thing is that we meet tomorrow together and I’ll tell about the 4th one. Also my last thing to say is that tomorrow I will be the one who’s going to open it. Bye now.


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