24 Days Of Christmas Disney Tsum Tsum Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Figurine Surprise Day 4

I didn’t have a chance all day to write a post but I guess I have to write a quick one or just before nighttime. This might really be short. So it was early in the morning when I opened it – it was my turn today when I got a cat and we didn’t know who she was. Just then I suddenly spotted an elf in our house and was lying in a basket next to a pig. WUD spotted it too and we both ran over to look at it. Mum said that not to touch it or no presents from Santa.


But to say why I didn’t have time was another story. So we ate breakfast and then instead of writing on my blog we went outside. But then we went to Toys R Us and I went to the Tsum Tsum area and we looked everywhere and finally had caught sight of the naughty, hiding little cat.


We slowly looked at her name. It was…….. Marie who took us so, so long. I was so angry I wanted to forget Marie’s name and instead look it up on Internet. But we had to use it since my luck was so bad and I didn’t get Ham the pig.

So Marie it is, we definitely put them on or stacked them on and it was perfect except sometimes they don’t stay and collapse on the ground and we have to do it again. And again.



When I also looked at it closely, I noticed that Marie had very tiny whiskers and a tiny bow. But I loved tiny Baymax more than Marie. There was always when WUD noticed Baymax then the squeal. I always thought that WUD thought Baymax was cute.


I thought that my sis would be surprised to see that I got Marie but instead she thought it was Cheshire Cat. And I disagreed and said it was not Cheshire Cat because Marie doesn’t have stripes.

So I just went to see Marie and I noticed she had glitter and a very bushy tail. The only puzzled thing is that why Marie has glitter.



Though you might not see the glitter, I tried to let you see that she had glitter -AHHHHHHHH! It’s past my bed time and I need my sleep since tomorrow is a school day. I know definitely it is not me nor WUD to open the door. If to see who is going to open it, stay tomorrow to see who opened it and who the Tsum Tsum is. Bye.


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