24 Days Of Christmas – Disney Tsum Tsum Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Figurine Surprise Day 5

So guess who opened the 5th one of the Tsum Tsum holiday event calendar? It Is my dad who opened it and guess what he got? An ornament thing that could decorate the Tsum Tsum whatever that thing is.


So I took a look and there it was. I also tried to fit the Tsum Tsums but only one of them fit. It was………..


Minnie Mouse?! Well she looks like she fitted but I tried her last. By the way Minnie Mouse deserves to be in it because she is so pretty and she is adorned with white puff, golden belt. Also is the ornament, it has gold streaks.


But then on her cute curly tail will be gone and not seen. How sad can that be. :'( Hey I didn’t write any emojis for so long but maybe two or three posts. I also specially put Marie in her star, Bambi her Santa hat, and of course Minnie, her ornament.


Well though I suppose that Minnie should let people see how cute she is. But the thing that worries me is that when will we ever open up another Tsum Tsum figurine. If tomorrow a Tsum Tsum is discovered we should yell “yea, what took you so long to poke your head out!”


But who knows when, where, who will it be. The only thing I know is that the ornament is big enough for Minnie sized Tsum Tsums. The star will fit only Marie sized Tsum Tsums. And finally the Santa hat fits only Bambi sized CREATURES. That is what I’m talking about!


Now I need to log off. It’s past bedtime first of all. Second of all my mum needs to use it. So I need to share last minute news – I’M TYPING AS FAST AS I CAN – either WUD or my turn to open it there will be like two or more posts waiting to be read. Though I need to hurry I want to share news with yo – Hurry up Tiffany! – u well better luck next time. Bye.


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