24 Days Of Christmas – Disney Tsum Tsum Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Figurine Surprise Day 6

So now I know who the Tsum Tsum is now. Finally a figurine this time appeared. It took forever to see just a Tsum Tsum. And luckily it happened today. By the way my mum opened it today. The Tsum Tsum was cute and looked similar to Minnie. You know something, that we have a tradition. The first person to open it was my dad then my mum, WUD, FINALLY me.  I was very exhausted in waiting to open it.

So do you want to know who it is?It is…….. Miss Daisy Duck! (Scowl) I hope it was Ham the pig rather than this duck.

But there is some problems with it. The problems actually occurs not only once but twice. The problem is that the dress on Minnie’s and Daisy’s tiny fat body. It stains the little body and it looks pink.

Now the problems won’t show much so let’s talk about more things. The thing we can talk is that the wonders of this product then the cuteness and finally the funny part. No -HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! I just then called WUD a dummy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA so funny – Oh I should hurry on. Now I was just telling you that we start.

As I said we start the wonder things first. Now I only wonder why she had yellow legs. But maybe they accidentally colored it yellow when it was supposed to be white. Or maybe Daisy Duck’s feet are yellow.

Who will think that Daisy Duck is so cute? Well I will. Her face and her scarf are the best. With pretty gold snowflakes – my fave color – embroidered in to the scarf. Now that I mentioned it I mean who wouldn’t like Daisy anymore and think she’s cute.

The funniest is here and so is the end of the post but I’m not going to end it with the funny inside. The funniest thing I think is that her duck bill is so, so yellow and curved like a sad person’s mouth should look.

Now it is time to end but I have 9 more to write (posts). So tomorrow is WUD’s turn and she gets a small box to open. HAHAHAHAHA, how funny can that be. Well bye until the next post I write is out.

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